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Why Choose External Wall Insulation?

by Jul 25, 2017

Hamran Building Contractors Ltd are known as the experts in external wall insulation in Cardiff and south Wales.

We offer the best prices for the best products with quick, convenient installations delivered to deadline.

External wall insulation is a big investment. However, investment is the right word – external wall insulation comes with a host of benefits that will start paying you back as soon as our friendly team finishes the job.

Here are the benefits of external wall insulation:

1 – Cut your heating bills

You will see all sorts of figures quoted for savings that can be made from installing external wall insulation. Some of them might look too good to be true to you, but they probably aren’t.

This is a very simple but very effective way of making your home heating more efficient. Around 45% of the heat you put into your home is lost through uninsulated walls, and there is potential to save a lot of that waste with external wall insulation.

The Energy Saving Trust’s most recent figures, using gas prices from May 2017, put the highest estimated annual savings at £425 for a detached house.

The amount you save will depend on the room for improvement in your home; so a detached house with no insulation would see the biggest cuts in bills, a flat with some insulation, the smallest. You will also save more if you use more expensive fuels like Liquid Petroleum Gas, oil, or electricity to heat your home.

Whatever your current heating situation though you will almost certainly save.  Call us to tell you how much.

2 – A warmer, cooler more comfortable home

Unfortunately cold is still an issue in a lot of UK homes. Not only will external wall insulation save you money, it will make your house feel warmer, and in some cases cooler in summer.

Stopping all that heat from pouring out of your walls helps your heating system do its job properly, maintaining a steady, comfortable temperature with no drops and peaks.

This effect also applies to any energy you expend in cooling your home. Of the three insulating materials that external wall insulation uses rock wool has a particularly good cooling effect.

3 – Decrease carbon emissions

Building regulations are catching up with the huge impact that external wall insulation can have on carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption. They now demand that if you’re having more than a quarter of your home’s exterior renovated you have to install it.

The Energy Saving Trust’s figure’s on carbon reductions are impressive. The biggest saver – a detached house – can reduce its emissions by 1,870kg-year, about the same as 40% of an average car’s yearly emissions.

Environmental change is made with these small steps and you can do your bit. Call us to find out how.

4 – Reduce noise

The simplicity of external wall insulation – basically attaching an extra layer to the outside of your home – keeps things out as effectively as it keeps heat in. You can enjoy your new comfort in much more peace and quiet.

5 – Tackle damp, condensation and mould

We see the tell-tale drips of condensation on windows and walls when warm air hits a cold surface, reducing the air’s moisture carrying capacity and dumping water where we don’t want it!

External wall insulation works in several ways to keep condensation, damp, and the mould it can cause out of your home.

Firstly, it makes your internal walls warmer. The temperature at which water condenses from the air is called the “dew point”, and external wall insulation should stop any internal wall surfaces ever getting this cold.

External wall insulation is a complete refurbishment of your home’s exterior. Any gaps that allow water in will be covered, and the rain and damp will be kept outside where they belong.

No water means no damp and no mould, which can be a serious health problem.

Ask us how we can banish damp from your home.

6 – Smarten up your home

External wall insulation is an exterior makeover for your home. You’re making big, meaningful changes to the building, but it’s also an excellent spruce up.

The choice of finishes is big and getting bigger, most of them zero maintenance.

With slips you can enjoy traditional brickwork or tiling. You can also choose textured finishes like pebble dash, or go for a simple rendered finish and let your colour choice do the talking.

7 – Increase your home’s value

Investing money in your home is almost always a good idea, but it’s hard to match the multiple returns that external wall insulation offers.

Cosmetic, financial, environmental, lifestyle, health… external wall insulation pays back that big initial outlay and will put value on your property price as soon as it is fitted.

Hamran Building has fitted external wall insulation on thousands of south Wales properties, and we’re happy to provide testimonials and examples of our projects for many happy customers.

Call us so we can tell you more about external wall insulation and what it could do for your home.

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