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External Wall Insulation

With over 1,000 satisfied customers in just five years we are helping the households of south Wales to keep warm, stay cool, and make big savings on their heating bills with external wall insulation.

We are the specialists in external wall insulation for south Wales and beyond, with unrivalled experience to help you pick the right product for your home and to install it right first time every time and to the highest industry standards.

External wall insulation is a very simple idea, and for many older south Wales homes with no wall cavity, it is the only practical way to install insulation.

Essentially external wall insulation works by attaching an extra layer to the outer wall of your home and fixing insulating material between the old and new barriers.

It’s simple but very effective.

The Energy Saving Trust’s 2014 figures reported annual savings of £270 on an average semi. Some figures suggest that the savings you make could be as much as 45%.

All homes are different, but the more expensive the fuel you use to heat your home, the more you will save, so it’s an even easier decision for oil, electricity or LPG users. The more external walls you have, the more you will save.

External wall insulation currently comes in three types, using either EPS (expanded polystyrene systems), rock wool, or phenolic resin as the insulator.

EPS is the cheapest, but takes up the most space. Phenolic resin will give the best energy return for its size. Rock wool is also a very effective cooler in summer and offers safety benefits.

As well as cutting costs you will also massively reduce your carbon footprint. Installing external wall insulation is your way to make a difference. Planning regulations make it compulsory to match new insulation targets if you’re renovating a quarter or more of any exterior wall.

Alongside its huge practical, ecological and financial benefits, modern exterior wall insulation also looks fantastic. It will improve the durability of your exterior walls, reduce damp inside, and give your home a spruce up.

It is available in a choice of finishes.

Brick slips reproduce the finish of a classic brick wall. Or you can tile the exterior. There is also a huge variety of rendered finishes in any colour the paint companies can come up with, and a big choice of textures.

External wall insulation comes in a variety of types and we can advise you on what will work at your home.

We always work as quickly as we can but installing external wall insulation can take time and can be delayed by bad weather. Installations can be quick – we often quote a time of two weeks – but whatever happens we will always keep you updated on our progress.

For peace of mind we back up the manufacturer’s 25-year insurance-backed guarantees, with our own 15-year guarantee on our installation work.

Please ask us for a quotation now.

Safety and External Wall Insulation

We use only BBA-approved (British Board of Agreement) systems.

As well as this independent testing, all external wall insulation products must be tested to meet with building regulations.
All our staff are accredited to work with the systems they install and their certifications are regularly monitored.
Rock wool and other mineral wools used as insulation are themselves non-combustible. EPS is often supplied with an added flame retardant.

Some media reports have not described the rainscreen cladding used at Grenfell Tower, the scene of the tragic fire on 14th June, 2017, sufficiently accurately. Rainscreen cladding is not external wall insulation. If you have any concerns about fire safety and external wall insulation, please contact us.

Why Choose External Insulation?