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External Wall Rendering South Wales

Rendering and External Finishes

Hamran Solutions can make your home look 100% better and improve your water proofing and insulation with our Cardiff and south Wales rendering service.

We’re experts at all aspects of building work, but our particular specialism in external wall insulation has made us masters of all external finishes.

It’s worth remembering that if you need your rendering replacing then it’s a good time to consider external wall insulation – doing both jobs will save time and money. If you’re replacing more than a quarter of your external render then building regulations say that you must improve your walls’ thermal insulation.

What is render?

Not all homes are rendered. In fact, some of our work is removing render to reveal original stone- or brickwork underneath. Render is a long-lasting, good value, good looking way to treat the exterior walls of your home.

It is best understood as a type of external plastering.

Like the plaster on the walls in your living room, it can be applied with a big variety of finishes and requires skill and time to get the job right.

Render comes in many styles, each with their own advantages.

Acrylic render is the cheapest and the best with strong colours. However, it’s not as breathable as other renders so it will seal your walls and it won’t work with some external wall insulation systems if you’re doing both jobs.

Mineral renders are breathable. They also go up quickly with a good, very long lasting result. It’s slightly more expensive than acrylics though.

Silicone render is the most expensive. It costs a lot for a reason. It’s very easy to apply (though some weather conditions get in the way), it repels water – essentially cleaning itself – and its flexibility makes it super durable.

Renders often have a local history and in south Wales that often means pebbledash. It’s not always a fashionable finish, but it has such a following in Cardiff, Swansea and the Valleys because it works supremely well in local weather conditions.

Why render?

Rendering feels like a big job. And it is. But it’s really a great investment in your home for the long term.
We guarantee our work for 15 years*, and most renders come with product lifetimes of several decades. This work will take a while, but it will have a lasting impact.

The first thing you’ll notice is that your house will look better. A rendered finish should be clean and smooth, and because you can mix the colour in with the render itself any colour you choose will be there in all its glory for the lifetime of the render.

Underneath that smart finish your brickwork and mortar will be protected. This saves on maintenance costs, particularly in the wet and windy Welsh winter. It also helps keep damp out of walls and your home.

While we would suggest considering external wall insulation if you want to make big savings on energy bills, simply rendering your exterior walls will have a small insulating effect and help keep you warmer.

Call us now to find out how we can improve the look and the durability of your property with the best rendering work in south Wales.

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