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South Wales uPVC Windows and Doors

If you want to make a quick but impactful change to your home then replacing windows and doors is a great value choice.

Hamran has worked with households and businesses across south Wales to deliver high-quality uPVC window and door replacements on budget and on time. We have improved the look and feel of hundreds of homes at excellent prices and with fantastic customer service.

What is uPVC?

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the stuff – no wonder we use the initials.

It is one of the most versatile building materials: a safe, stable, low-maintenance, rigid plastic that’s used all around your home, most often where water proofing is needed; most of your plumbing will be uPVC for example.

Why choose uPVC?

All of those characteristics make uPVC perfect for external windows and doors.

It is also the best value window material you can choose, trumping aluminium or wood on price.

Low maintenance means lasting good looks. There is no external colour coating, so a quick polish should clear up most superficial damage, and a wipe with a cloth is enough to keep your window frames clean.

As well as keeping water firmly out, uPVC is flame resistant and very safe.

Choosing “plastic” windows used to mean any-colour-as-long-as-it’s-white. Not any more: uPVC comes in a rainbow of colours and a host of textured finishes including excellent quality wood-grain finishes.

There are a whole host of advantages for the fitters in this lightweight, sturdy material, and the planet, as uPVC can be recycled at life’s end.

Do my windows need replacing?

You probably already know if your windows are really past their prime. If you already have uPVC windows and they’re over 25 years old you should check their condition.

Wooden windows often deteriorate visibly by rotting.

You’ll feel the damage if your frames rot and start to let in wind or water. If things start to feel a bit blowy in your living room you can try a smoke test – use a candle or incense stick – to trace the ingress of air.

Moisture inside a supposedly sealed double-glazing unit can also be a sign of trouble. Broken seals can be fixed, but often replacement is the best option.

A lot of problems with window frames, seals, or fittings can be helped with building maintenance work.

Hamran Solutions are happy to help you out with maintenance work.

The advantages of new windows and doors

The superficial advantages of nice, shiny new windows are obvious. We’ve seen that uPVC windows and doors will last for decades and demand almost nothing from their owners.

You’ll probably have more choice in the way your doors or windows open with new uPVC doors. Sliding, tilt-and-turn, folding… there’s a big range to suit your visual and spatial requirements.

Fitting doors and windows can also boost your security. New windows should be lockable (check your insurance, as it might be a condition of your cover). The strength of uPVC is in their favour here, and double-glazed windows are not an inviting way to enter a home.

The truth is though that most burglars are lazy opportunists and closing and locking your windows whenever you go out will have more of an impact on your security than your frames.

Do make sure you get good quality locks on replacement doors though. Ask us about the security on our doors as well as extras like door chains or peepholes for extra peace of mind.

Keeping the weather out is the fundamental job of your new windows. Double – or triple – glazing works by creating an airless space between the panes of glass through which nothing can pass; heat stays in, cold stays out.

New windows and doors come with great quality seals too, and there are other draft excluding steps you can take during fitting, and glass can now be fitted with a coating to further reduce heat loss.

As well as keeping the cold out, the vacuum at the centre of a double-glazed window keeps noise out too.

It is likely that improving your windows and doors will add value to your property. You’ll find various surveys – usually industry sponsored – making this point. The most recent we found was from SellingUp, which said that 89% of people looking for their dream home would find double glazing a desirable feature.

It is clear that the energy efficiency and superficial benefits of double glazing add value to the experience of living in a home and will therefore add value when it is sold.

Hamran Solutions not only installs windows and doors, we’re experts in all sorts of building work, particularly external wall insulation. Remember, combining jobs can save money, time and inconvenience so if you’d like us to assess for any other projects we’ll do an accurate quote for anything you require.

Why Choose External Insulation?